Panasonic HD camcorders allow you to get the kind of high-definition image quality that suits today's age of
large-screen TVs.

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Color tones that eloquently express image emotions
White Balance

I want to vary the color tone for each scene.

Auto Operation

"I shot a beautiful sunset,
but it looks almost like broad daylight."

The Auto function adjusts the light intensity based on a standard scale, so it automatically changes the red tone of the sunset. This makes the sunset image look like a daytime scene. As you can see, it's difficult to capture colors as you see them in real life.
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Manual Operation

"Ah, that's the reddish sunset
color that I saw!"

If you want to capture the true ambience of the scene, you can select the light source to adjust the picture's color tone. For example, when you want to capture a beautiful sky glowing with the setting sun, select "Sunny" or "Cloudy" to emphasize the reddishness in the final image.
Using the ring is a much more intuitive and user-friendly process than accessing a menu screen.
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*This is an actual, edited image recorded by a Panasonic HD camcorder (HDC-SD100)
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The White Set function lets you adjust the color tone more flexibly. Normally, this is done by shooting at a white sheet of paper. By using colored paper, however, you can intentionally shift the color tone from the standard level.

With Manual White Set

Using white paper

White Set function adjustments are carried out by shooting at a white sheet.

Using pink paper

The color appears bluish when pink paper is used for the white setting.

Using blue paper

The color appears reddish when blue paper is used for the white setting.