Panasonic HD camcorders allow you to get the kind of high-definition image quality that suits today's age of
large-screen TVs.

Effective Use of the Manual Ring PAGE TOP Zoom In/Out Focus White Balance Shutter Speed Iris
Controlling the zoom speed for flexible expression
Zoom In/Out

I want to have full control over the stopping point and speed of the zoom.

Auto Operation

"Oh, no!  I zoomed in too far."

It's hard to accurately control zooming with a lever or a button, so it often results in overzooming and the zoom direction has to be reversed to correct it. Precise control of the zoom in/out speed and stopping point is much more difficult than most people think.
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Manual Operation

"This lets me zoom in at just the right speed."

The manual ring allows precise fingertip control over the zoom speed and stopping point. It lets you capture the exact images you want.
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*This is an actual, edited image recorded by a Panasonic HD camcorder (HDC-SD100)