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iA (Intelligent Auto) Mode

In the iA (Intelligent Auto) Mode, the camera does all the work, leaving you free to compose shots and capture moments in both photo and video recording. The Intelligent Resolution technology and 32x Intelligent Zoom are always activated in the iA Mode.

Shake Detection - POWER O.I.S.*1

Gyrosensors detect hand-shaking and the O.I.S. lens shifts to compensate, helping prevent blurring caused by hand-shaking.

Motion Deblur

The Motion Deblur Mode*2 judges the appropriate shutter speed and suppresses motion blur. The shutter speed rises as high as possible activating the high sensitivity recording by pixel mixed readout method.

Motion Detection – Intelligent ISO Control*3

The Intelligent ISO Control function detects subject movement and automatically adjusts the ISO setting and shutter speed to best suit the movement and light conditions.

Face Recognition*4

The Face Recognition function remembers faces that have been registered in the camera and provides the faces with optimal focus and exposure.

Face Detection - Face Detection AF/AE*1

The Face Detection function detects faces anywhere in the frame and automatically chooses the optimal focus and exposure. The Face Detection also features the Digital Red-eye Correction (Red-eye Removal) in photo recording.

Subject Detection - AF Tracking

Once you focus on your subject, the AF Tracking automatically and continuously tracks it and keeps it in focus and proper exposure.

Scene Detection - Intelligent Scene Selector*5

The Intelligent Scene Selector senses the ambient conditions and automatically selects one of Scene Modes: Photo (Scenery, Portrait, Macro, Night Portrait*6, Night Scenery or Sunset Mode), Video (Scenery, Portrait, Macro or Low Light Mode).

Happy Mode

The Happy Mode optimizes color, saturation and brightness to make images more vivid and true to the color of the scene you remember.

Light Detection - Intelligent D-range Control*1

The Intelligent D-range Control offers natural looking by optimizing the exposure for each part of an image, preventing blocked shadows and blown highlights and helping ensure that gradation and details are reproduced beautifully including the blue color of the sky.

*1 The POWER O.I.S., Face Detection AF/AE, and Intelligent D-range Control are automatically turned on in the iA Mode and can be turned on or off in the P/A/S/M Mode or some Scene Modes.
*2 The picture size may be reduced.
*3 The Intelligent ISO Control is automatically turned on in the iA Mode and can be turned on or off in the P/A Mode or some Scene Modes.
*4 Turn the Face Recognition ON and register the person with full-face portrait on the shooting menu in advance.
Recognition performance varies greatly depending on shooting conditions, i.e., according to factors such as angles, facial expression and lighting, so operation under all conditions cannot be guaranteed. Because the camera searches for faces that are similar to registered faces, there are cases where the faces are not correctly recognized when the registered image and the shooting image varies much. When facial characteristics are similar, particularly between parents and their children or brothers and sisters, the camera may not distinguish the faces.
*5 With some subject and shooting conditions, it is just not possible to judge the best shooting details. When this happens, it is recommended that you shoot with the Scene Mode that best suits your purpose.
*6 In the iA Mode, the Night Portrait is not identified when the flash is turned off.

Intuitive Manual Control

With the DMC-FZ47(FZ48), you can enjoy creative shooting by expressing yourself not only in photos but also in videos. The turn-and-push jog dial enhances operation for quick setting changes.

Finely Detailed White Balance Setting

2-axis adjustment feature gives you a finer white balance adjustment. You can adjust with a reference to the horizontal axis for amber to blue and the vertical axis for green to magenta*.
With still image recording, you can use the White Balance Bracket setting, which automatically shoots 3 consecutive photos with slight changes to the white balance setting of each photo in both the vertical and horizontal axes.

* White balance adjustment is not possible in some modes.

Quick Menu

Frequently used functions can be quickly retrieved and easily switched by using the Q.MENU button.

Function Button

You can allocate frequently used functions to the Function button. Functions that normally have to be selected from a menu or switched can be assigned to this button for faster, easier operation.

  • ● Photo Style
  • ● Aspect Ratio
  • ● Quality
  • ● Metering Mode
  • ● White Balance
  • ● I. Dynamic
  • ● Guide Line
  • ● Recording Area
  • ● Remaining Display

Custom Mode

Your frequent setting patterns can be memorized up to three and it can be instantly applied by simply selecting this function with the camera.

Out-of-frame Display

This function is handy when you want to concentrate on shooting without having your view blocked by information displayed on the screen.

Built-in Flash

Select the flash synchronization you want from 1st Curtain Sync. or 2nd Curtain Sync. This is effective for capturing nightscapes with a natural flow of light. You can adjust the intensity within a range of ±EV 2 in 1/3 EV steps, too.

EVF (Electronic Viewfinder)

A clear 0.2-inch EVF features a 100% field of view, 201,600-dot equivalent, and a large, comfortable eyepiece. It is easy to use and provides fast, accurate framing. Using the viewfinder also consumes no battery power.

Large, 3.0-inch, 460,000-dot LCD

The DMC-FZ47(FZ48) has a 3.0-inch 3:2 460,000-dot LCD with a 100% field of view. LUMIX's acclaimed Intelligent LCD function also automatically adjusts the brightness in 11 steps according to shooting conditions. It lets you share the fun of viewing images with family and friends, too.

Intelligent LCD

Expandability with Optional Accessories

A wide range of optional accessories are available, such as the DMW-LT55 Tele Conversion Lens*, which allows full-resolution, ultra-zoom shooting up to 40.8x (35mm camera equivalent: 1,020mm), and the DMW-LPL52 PL Filter, which renders beautiful, lifelike landscapes and skies by cutting the reflections from water and glass surfaces and random light rays from the surroundings. Enjoy customizing your own, original system, and then use it to produce highly distinctive images.

* Requires Lens Adaptor (DMW-LA5) for attachment.

Optional accessories

These functions are also available.

Battery Life: The energy-saving Venus Engine and the efficient, rechargeable lithium-ion battery lets you take approx. 400 shots on a single battery charge*.

* Based on the CIPA standard.

Built-in Memory 70MB[Open New Window]: The built-in memory provides extra memory when your memory card fills up. This is also a great place to store your favorite photos to view them anytime you want.

  • Copy
  • Zoom Speed – 2-Step
  • Zoom Resume
  • Program Shift
  • Manual Exposure Assist
  • Direct Exposure Compensation
  • Maximum ISO Setting
  • Minimum Shutter Speed
  • Focus Range Display
  • Guide Line
  • Real-time Histogram
  • Highlight Display
  • World Time Setting
  • Travel Date Setting

• Availability of models, product number (DMC-FZ47 or DMC-FZ48), product design and optional accessories may differ depending on the country or region. Check the website of the Panasonic sales company in your country or region.