To demonstrate the high quality cinematic capability of the new LUMIX GH3,
entertaining, provocative short action film with high production value has been created.

Bruce Logan, Philip Bloom, Elliot Rosenblatt SHOWCASE

Bruce Logan

A versatile, two-time Emmy-winning Writer/Director. A Director/Cameraman of commercials specializing in Comedy, Action and Special Visual Effects. He’s a two-time winner of advertising’s most coveted award, a Golden Lion, and has several Superbowl spots to his credit. Multi-faceted, he is also a Screenwriter, Director of Photography, and Visual Effects Director.
Bruce’s love of outstanding imagery started in his late teens, when London-born Logan was hired by Stanley Kubrick on 2001 A Space Odyssey. From his work on classics such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Tron, Airplane and Firefox to Batman Forever and The Rookie -- special effects have become second nature to him as a tool in his story-telling sensibilities.
Bruce also became a Director of Photography on music videos for artists as diverse as Madonna, Prince, Rod Stewart, Aerosmith and so orth. Combining his love of directing with his visual effects experience, Bruce has recently developed a new Virtual Set Process with the Entertainment Design Workshop. He is currently directing episodes of a new Disney television show The Book of Pooh utilizing this unique process.

Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom is an industry veteran of 23 years of which he spent a large portion working in broadcast news and documentaries. For the past few years he’s become a leading figure in the low budget digital film making world with his pioneering work using DSLRs and affordable large sensor camcorders. He also runs his website which educates and informs film makers of all levels around the world with visitors in excess of 1.25 million a month. He splits his time between shooting and directing projects and teaching globally. His recent high profile projects have included Lucas Films ‘Red Tails’ and the BAFTA/Raindance winning documentary ‘How to Start a Revolution’.

Elliot Rosenblatt

Elliot Lewis Rosenblatt has had a diverse career in the film business for 40 years. He was Head of Production for Introvision, a leading Visual Effects House in Los Angeles. In the 2+ years he was there he produced the visual effects for the films “Outland”, “Stand by Me” and “The Fugitive”. Moving on as an Assistant Director and Production Manager, he worked on 20 films including the award winning “Stand and Deliver”,the groundbreaking “The Joy Luck Club” and Horton Foote’s “Convicts”. Later he segued into producing, and executive producing such notable films as “The Chase” for Fox, “Don’t Look Back” for HBO, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” for Universal, “The Cooler” and “Never Die Alone” for Pressman/Content Films and Grammy nominated long form R.Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet” and” Bad Lieutenant- Port of Call New Orleans” starring Nic Cage and directed by Werner Herzog.