Common Accessories

  • External Flash
  • ND Filter
  • PL Filter

For DSLM Cameras

  • Wide Conversion Lens
  • Tele Conversion Lens
  • Macro Conversion Lens
  • Fisheye Conversion Lens

For Compact Cameras

  • Tele Conversion Lens
  • Close-up Lens

Accessory Navigator

Do you think optional accessories are used only by professionals? They really aren't that difficult to use, and they can make your family recordings and vacation memories more natural and vivid. Optional accessories are very useful for saving everyday scenes in dramatic images.

Common Accessories

  • External Flash Capture natural family expressions with natural light.
  • ND Filter Freely control the exposure of brightly lit scenes.
  • PL Filter Render images with natural colors, just the way you see them.

Conversion Lenses for DSLM Cameras

  • Wide Conversion Lens Express dynamic scenery with a wider angle of view.
  • Tele Conversion Lens Helpful in telephoto shooting
  • Macro Conversion Lens Render delicate, descriptive subjects such as flowers.
  • Fisheye Conversion Lens Capture impressive images

Conversion Lenses for Compact Cameras

  • Tele Conversion Lens Bring distant subjects up close, right in front of you.
  • Close-up Lens Peek into worlds that can't even be seen by the naked eye.