Common Accessories

  • External Flash
  • ND Filter
  • PL Filter

For DSLM Cameras

  • Wide Conversion Lens
  • Tele Conversion Lens
  • Macro Conversion Lens
  • Fisheye Conversion Lens

For Compact Cameras

  • Tele Conversion Lens
  • Close-up Lens

Tele Conversion Lens DMW-LT55

Take Dynamic Zoom ShotsProduct and Specifications

You Get a More Powerful Zoom Performance

The DMW-LT55 Tele Conversion Lens allows full-resolution shooting, and increases the focal distance by 1.7x. When using the FZ Series, this gives you ultra-zooming power of up to 40.8x (35mm camera equivalent: 1,020mm)*1 or 102x (35mm camera equivalent: 2,040mm).*2 This is ideal for shooting sports scenes or capturing images of animals that you cannot get close to.

*1 For the DMC-FZ200. Maximum aperture is restricted to be F4.0 when attaching DMW-LT55 on DMC-FZ200.
*2 For the DMC-FZ70(FZ72).

1x (35mm camera equivalent: 25mm)24x (35mm camera equivalent: 600mm)40.8x (35mm camera equivalent: 1,020mm) With Tele Conversion Lens

Capture Photos with a Tele Conversion Lens

Product and Specifications