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Mini Audio System

Panasonic has a vast line-up of Mini Audio Systems that match your individual needs and provides an assortment of features for convenience and enjoyment.

Line-upNetworkingPowerful, Clear Sound


Archive Up to 1,000 Songs

The AKX Series has a large-capacity (2GB/4GB) internal memory that stores up to 1,000* songs. Store your favorite music and play it anytime you want.
*SC-AKX72/52/32 up to 510 songs.
SC-AKX12 without internal memory.

Archive from Multimedia

In addition to CDs, the AKX Series can record music from USB memory, FM/AM radio, AUX-IN, music port or MP3 discs.
Archive your favorite music from a wide variety of media.

USB Recording

With its USB slot, the AKX Series allows MP3 data to be recorded onto USB memory, and also lets you move MP3 data in the internal memory to a USB memory. Enjoy powerful sound at home with convenience, and carry your favorite music around anywhere you go.

Customized Playlist

Songs can be sorted by creating your own playlist, making it easy to enjoy your favorite music anytime. Enjoy seamless playback without having to change discs.

Search Function

With easy to use 10-key button to search songs by up to 8 letters, and Track/Album select button next to rotary selector,
AKX series makes musical enjoyment more comfortable to use than ever.

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