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About Business-rugged

Lightweight Long Battery Life Ruggedized High Performance Network & Security
Use it anytime, whether you’re out on business, on the road, or in the office.
The TOUGHBOOK is designed to withstand the punishing drops and bumps that are a part of mobile computing. Making you more efficient, its superior mobility lets you take your desk work wherever you go.


Easy to carry and lightweight, this mobile computer is perfect for business trips and meetings. What's the secret behind this?

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Long Battery Life

Long battery life—enabling you to use it on trips that span even a full day—is achieved by a thoroughly thought out energy-saving design.

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Accidental drops, getting squished in a briefcase—the list goes on and on. Such common accidents were considered when designing this rugged PC.

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High Performance

Adopting the latest platform from Intel Corporation, our mobile computers feature CPUs with the latest technology.
The result is comfortable mobile computing.

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Network and Security

From Wireless WAN to Bluetooth®, high-speed mobile communication can be built in.
Robust security that is both hardware and software based, will protect valuable data from being leaked out.

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Business-rugged Lineup

For further information about our products, how to purchase them and more, please visit the website of your region.

Specification and configuration may vary depending on country. Accessories may vary depending on your mobile PC configuration.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Consult a Panasonic sales office near you for more details and availability of integrated options.

Global Home Business > You are here:PC Top > containsBusiness-rugged