Communication using large-scale images heightens the students' level of understanding and satisfaction,
and helps to add value to programs offered by universities, colleges, and other educational institutions.
Panasonic offers a wide line-up of projectors to match your installation location and type of use.
Let us help you to optimize your educational environment with a level of technology that matches your needs
in areas such as durability and operating ease.

Panasonic Solutions to Meet Diverse Needs in Higher Education

School IT Managers

I always look for projectors that are easy to integrate into our network and minimize TCO.

Lecturers / Students

An ideal projector is easy to use, trouble-free and creates clear screen images.

Dealers / System Installers

Highly reliable product line-up and easy, flexible installation are very important.

Product Line-up for Various Room Types

Application Ideas for Various Installation Locations

Classroom / Seminar Room
Cafe / Library
For System Management

Case Studies from Global Education Institutions

Case Studies

Case studies illustrate how Panasonic projectors have helped to optimize customer's educational environment.