1-Chip DLPT Projectors PT-CW230/PT-CX200

Ultra-short Throw and 3D Ready

80-inch Wide Screen Images with a Projection Distance of 0.32 m (1.05’)*

There is no need to worry about glare of the projection light and the presenter’s shadow on the screen. The projectors can be installed either horizontally or vertically on a table, wall, ceiling or floor, to enable new uses and meet new installation requirements.

* Projection distance for 80-inch screen

• PT-CW230: 0.32 m (1.05’) (16:10 aspect ratio)
• PT-CX200: 0.38 m (1.25’) (4:3 aspect ratio)

Wall-mounted image with a wall mount bracket (ET-PKC100W)

Various Ways of Installation

* Projector setup: Installation position is 0°±10°, 90°±10°, 180°±10°, or 270°±10°.

3D Projection Ensuring Powerful Images

The PT-CW230 Series ultra-short throw projector delivers powerful 3D images.
“The Frame Sequential Method”* displays stereoscopic images by synchronizing the projector with the 3D glasses.** The combination of this system with the short-throw function enables space-saving 3D projection, helping you create innovative and attractive presentations.

* In this method, images for the right eye and the left eye are switched at a high speed.
** To view 3D images, active-shutter 3D glasses are separately required. (In the active shutter system,
the right/left liquid crystal shutter is opened and closed alternately according to projected images.)

Wide Range of Applications Including Events, Exhibitions, Displays and Museums

Events with dramatic impact

3D projection onto a wall, floor, or ceiling makes your event more successful.

Highly realistic museums

Powerful 3D projection is real and appealing, increasing visitors’ satisfaction.

Exhibitions with promotional effects

Powerful large-screen 3D projection in limited booth space, enhancing the appeal of products and services.

Appealing displays

Short-throw, large screen (110 inch max.)* projection is effective for showroom/shop window display.

* Available for the PT-CW230.

Supporting Various 3D Systems

NVIDIA® 3D Vision™

You can build the 3D system by using the configuration shown below. Enjoy vivid 3D worlds such as powerful high-definition games, digital photos, 3D Blu-ray Discs, streaming movies and videos.

DLP™ Link™

As synchronized signals are contained in 3D images that you view, you can build the 3D system without connecting the emitter.

Tested 3D Glasses Compatible with Panasonic Projectors

IR system

3D SYNC OUT terminal (of PT-CW230/CX200) and the IR emitter are connected to build the 3D system.

[Caution when viewing 3D images]

・View 3D images at a distance at least three times further than the height of the screen.
・Each person views and feels the 3D images differently. In some cases, the effects may cause viewers to feel sick.
・If you see double 3D images or do not see stereoscopic images, you may feel fatigue or discomfort.
・If you feel sick, immediately stop viewing 3D images.
・Children under the age of six should not view 3D images.

Three times further than the height of the screen

The DLP(TM) System Maintains Long-lasting, Stable Performance

In the DLP™ system, the image quality does not degrade with time due to long life of the device. You can use the projector for various systems over a long period without worry of quality loss.*

* Twenty-four-hour continuous operation is not available.