High Brightness and Flexibility LCD Projectors PT-EZ570/PT-EW630/PT-EX600/PT-EW530/PT-EX500

Bright, high-quality images and ecological designs for flexible systems with easy maintenance. Producing bright, easy-to-see images for classrooms to university lecture rooms, engineering or art classes, and company meeting rooms.

Bright, Ecological Projectors with Excellent System Flexibility
  • Quality Images with Brightness
  • Ecology-Conscious Reliability
  • System Integration Flexibility and Easy Maintenance
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Panasonic Projectors for Higher Education

NOTE: Models without lenses (PT-EZ570L/EW630L/EX600L/EW530L/EX500L) are also available.
The specifications are the same as those of the PT-EZ570/EW630/EX600/EW530/EX500, respectively.