LCD Projector PT-ST10
Why Buy Panasonic's Short-Throw Projector? An Ideal Combination with an Interactive Whiteboard.
For Education Use and Business Use

This compact projector makes large-screen images easier to use, and helps lectures and presentations go more smoothly.The PT-ST10 features a newly developed short-throw lens. This allows installation methods to be used that were not possible with conventional models, for a wider range of application.
Advantages of Short-Throw Projector
Larger Images from Shorter Distances. 0.82-m Projection Distance for 2.03m (80inch) Images.
The PT-ST10, which is equipped with the newly developed short-throw lens, lets you project images onto a large, 80-inch screen from a distance of only 0.82 m(2.69'). This greatly increases the projector's range of use.

Fewer Shadows on the Screen. More Comfortable Presentations.
The close range projection of the PT-ST10 reduces the chance of the presenter standing in front of the projection light and casting a shadow on the screen. Also, presentations are more comfortable because the presenter is not affected by the glare of the projection light.
For More Effective Use with an Interactive Whiteboard

The PT-ST10 mounts easily to the elite Panaboard, Panasonic's electronic whiteboard. With the Up/Down Stand Kit, the projector and elite Panaboard form a neat, integrated unit. It also makes it easy to adjust the height of the elite Panaboard and to move it as desired.

* An optional short-throw arm unit is required.
Compatible models and other details are as follows.

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