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Quick and Easy Wireless Projection (PT-VW435N/VX505N)

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Wireless Projection Advantages

Smoother, more productive meetings

Set-up is easy and multiple participants can bring and use their own notebook PCs for projection.

Presentations from anywhere

PCs can be arranged in a
flexible layout without
passing around cables.

Wireless Manager ME 6.0 Multifunctional Application Software

The Wireless Manager ME 6.0 application provided with the projector allows easy transfer*1 of data from the screen of a personal computer*2 through a PC's wireless LAN function.*3 It can also be used to transfer audio files.*4
Additionally, screen images from multiple computers can be projected by using Multi-Live mode including "Four-Window Multi Style", "Four-Window Index Style" and “16-Window Index Style.”

Software Download
DVD video, Blu-ray video and content set with DRM (Digital Rights Management) cannot be transferred.
Wireless Manager ME 6.0 are supported by Windows®XP/Windows Vista®/Windows®7 and Mac(Mac OS X v10.6/v10.7).
If the computer is not equipped with a wireless LAN function, a wireless LAN card is required. In the case of Mac computers,
only the built-in wireless LAN function is supported. Network functions such as Live mode and Multi-Live mode can also be used with a wired LAN.
Windows®7 and Windows Vista® computers must be logged on to using the Administrator’s account.
The first time that a Windows®7 computer is used, the sound driver may require setting.

Advanced Wireless Manager ME 6.0

The latest Wireless Manager ME 6.0 greatly shortens the starting time and increases the transfer speed.*
The graphical user interface (GUI) has been redesigned to make operation simpler and easier to understand.
This all combines to make presentations and lectures more flexible and effective.

*The transfer speeds may vary depending on the situation.

Quick & Easy

Wireless Manager ME 6.0 has a new GUI with improved operability.
It makes everything easier and simpler, from opening the software to starting the wireless projection.
Also, up to four projectors can be registered on the "Registered Projectors" screen of this software and
the registered projector list will be displayed the next time you started the software to enable quicker projection.

Step 1 Run application.

Make initial setting

Step 2 Input the projector ID.
Step 3 Click the Start button and start projection!

From the second time

Step 2 Select the projector.
Step 3 Click the Start button and start projection!

The new GUI of Wireless Manager ME 6.0

Intuitive Operation!

Smooth Playback

The image rendering speed has been greatly increased in Wireless Manager ME 6.0*
as compared to the previous Wireless Manager ME 5.5.
Smoother, more comfortable playback has been achieved in response to the
increased need for viewing Internet motion images.

*The image rendering speeds may vary depending on the situation.

Wireless Projection from Multiple PCs

The PT-VW435N/VX505N provides a host of convenient wireless functions, including Live mode and Multi-Live mode. In Live mode, the image projected is identical to the image seen on the PC screen. In Multi-Live mode, you can wirelessly connect with up to 16 PCs at the same time.

Four-Window Multi Style

displays up to 4 computer screens at a time.

Four-Window Index Style

displays thumbnails of
4 computer screens.

16-Window Index Style

displays thumbnails of
16 computer screens.

The Optional Easy Wireless Stick (ET-UW100) Simplifies Wireless Projection

When not installing Wireless Manager ME 6.0, the ET-UW100 Easy Wireless Stick can be used for a simpler, speedier projection method.
The ET-UW100 integrates a wireless application and a wireless LAN adapter.
Simply plug it into the computer’s USB port for easy wireless projection*1 of the computer screen.*2
Multi-Live mode*3 lets you project images from up to 16 computers simultaneously.

For quick and easy wireless projection using Wireless Stick Easy Wireless Stick (ET-UW100) Product Information

* The availability of the ET-UW100 varies depending on the country.
Please contact your sales representative for more information. (Contact Information)

The ET-UW100 will not transfer audio files.
The ET-UW100 are supported by Windows®XP/Windows Vista®/Windows®7 and Mac (Mac OS X v10.6/v10.7).
Multi-Live mode supports only the 16-Window Index Style.

Panasonic Wireless Projector for iOS/Android

Two types of application software – "Panasonic Wireless Projector for iOS" and "Panasonic Wireless Projector for Android" – are available for wireless data transmission from an iOS or Android device. They let you connect to a wireless-ready Panasonic projector to send and project PowerPoint, PDF, JPEG and other files.
This means you can easily project data stored on your tablet onto a large screen to share with others, allowing for a new form of highly engaging presentations. They can both be downloaded for free – the iOS version from the AppStore, and the Android version from Google Play.

For smarter wireless projection using iOS/Android devices Panasonic Wireless Projector for iOS/Android Application Information