LCD Projector PT-VW431D

DIGITAL LINK for All-in-One Connectivity

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DIGITAL LINK - The Single Cable Solution

In response to the growing demand for longer-distance, high-quality signal transmission, Panasonic offers the PT-VW431D, a high-brightness LCD projector with DIGITAL LINK compatibility.

Equipped with a DIGITAL LINK terminal, the PT-VW431D allows transmission of HDMI, uncompressed HD digital video, audio and control signals (Ethernet, RS-232C) for up to 100 meters (328 feet) through a single CAT5e (STP) cable or higher. This simplifies cabling and system upgrades, making it ideal for ceiling-mounted and other permanent installations.

Used together with the new ET-YFB100G Digital Interface Box, or other compatible equipment,* the installation of this projector is easier than ever, without any need for external receivers. The input signal can also be easily switched** from control panel or remote control of the projector to enable attractive presentations or lessons using multimedia content.

For tested compatible models, refer to the “Tested Compatible Equipment” page.
Input selection from the control panel or remote control of the projector is possible only when the PT-VW431D and ET-YFB100G are used together.

DIGITAL LINK Projection Advantages

1 Cost Effective

  • Simplifies cabling / layout
  • Minimizes infrastructure cost
    - Cost of control system upgrades
    - Total cost of AV control software
  • Lowers installation cost
  • Reduces the possibility of system breakdowns

2 Long Distance

  • Allows signal transmission for up to 100 m (328 ft) with a single CAT5e (STP) cable or higher, using RJ45 connectors

3 High Quality

  • Enables digital connection of HDMI, uncompressed Full-HD videos, audio, LAN, and control commands
  • Reduces the possibility of system
  • Eliminates image and sound degradation
Ordinary SystemDIGITAL LINK System

Installers, AV Managers

・Allows easy installation/integration for either new or existing systems.・Simplifies projector installation, wiring and maintenance.・The cable-less system provides a clean, uncluttered look.

Lecturers, Presenters

・Provides easy access to high-quality multimedia content without degradation.・Improves the audience's understanding with multimedia presentations.・Easy operation with the remote control of the PT-VW431D.*

* Only when the PT-VW431D and ET-YFB100G are used together.

・Medium to small classrooms
・Medium-sized lecture rooms/seminar rooms
・Boardrooms/Meeting rooms

Corporate Use
Educational Use

System Type 1: For Establishing a New System

Things to consider

  • 1Minimizing initial costs (for system introduction, wiring, cables and other accessories)
  • 2Minimizing layout restrictions due to cable length
  • 3Minimizing maintenance needs and malfunctions after the system is established
  • 4Providing a system that is easy for lecturers, presenters, etc., to use.

Simple new 1 to 1 system!

When the PT-VW431D is used as a set with the PT-YFB100G, the benefits are even greater.

Advantages:・A cost effective approach to cabling and layout・Digital transmission provides less signal degradation・Allows long distance transmission with a single cable
Digital Interface Box ET-YFB100G (Optional) Product Information

System Type 2: For Implementing a Projector with Another Control System

Conventional System Problems:・Additional cost for cables and installation・Installation labor (multiple cables and cable lengths)・Both a transmitter and a receiver are required.

DIGITAL LINK technology allows easy integration into an existing control system.

Existing SystemDIGITAL LINK Compatible Equipment or Digital Interface Box ET-YFB100G (Optional)Connecting to a DIGITAL LINK-ready Projector
Digital Interface Box ET-YFB100G (Optional) Product Information

The ET-YFB100G includes a scaling/resizing function, and can be operated by the projector's remote control.

Supporting the protocol of the industry's leading manufacturers, including Crestron, Extron, and AMX.

Tested Compatible Equipment

Frequently asked questions about DIGITAL LINK.