ET-UW100 Firmware Update Tool for Mac

You can update firmware by yourself without any special tool.

Applicable models

ET-UW100 (Easy Wireless Stick)

* Target firmware version: or later

This Firmware Update Tool supports firmware version or later.
Firmware update cannot be performed using the Mac update tool for firmware version In such cases, use the Firmware Update Tool for WIndows.

Latest Version

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For Mac

Update information from Version
    • Supports PT-VZ575N/VW535N/VX605N.
    • Supports PT-VW355N/VX425N.
    • Supports Mac OS X v10.9

Compatible Projector Models The ET-UW100 Easy Wireless Stick is compatible with the Panasonic wireless-ready projectors. However, depending on the ET-UW100 firmware version, some wireless LAN connection settings are not supported.
For details, refer to the list of compatible projectors for the ET-UW100.

System Requirements

The computer must meet the following requirements in order to update the firmware.

OS Apple Mac OS X v10.6/v10.7/v10.8/v10.9
Interface USB 2.0
CPU At a minimum, the specifications must support operation of the above-described operating systems.
RAM At a minimum, the specifications must support operation of the above-described operating systems.

• Operation via a USB hub is not guaranteed.
• Operation is not guaranteed when used with system environments other than the above or on homemade computers.

Operation is not guaranteed for all computers that meet the above conditions.

Downloading the Software

DownloadFirmUpdateTool_UW100_4008.dmg (3.35MB)

The file name of the update tool will vary depending on the product number and version of the target device.
Select the update tool that corresponds to your target device and the version you want to use.

How to Download

1. Click the "Download" button above.

2. Once the file has been downloaded, double click FirmUpdateTool_uw100_4008.dmg.
FirmUpdateTool_uw100” will be mounted onto your desktop.

Updating the Firmware

Screen images from the Mac OS X v10.7 operating system are used in this document as an example.
Images used in this page may differ from the actual screen.
For details on Mac OS and computer operations, refer to the instruction manual of your computer.

How to Update

1. Insert the Easy Wireless Stick for which you want to update the firmware into the computer’s USB port.

2. Double-click the “FirmUpdateTool_uw100” that was generated after downloading.

3. Verify the version number displayed in the update confirmation screen, and click the [Update] button to start the firmware update.

• The overwrite process takes about 4 minutes.
• After overwrite starts, all buttons in the update tool screen are disabled.

• Do not remove the Easy Wireless Stick from the USB port or attempt to remove the [EasyWS] CD drive while overwrite is in progress.

4. When overwrite is complete, the [OK] button is enabled.
Click the [OK] button to exit the update tool.

5. Check the firmware version of the Easy Wireless Stick, and verify that update has been performed properly.
(How to confirm the version)


• If the firmware overwrite fails due to, for example, the Easy Wireless Stick being removed during the process, follow steps 1 to 3 in “How to Update” and try to update again.

For specific instructions, refer to the following manual.

Firmware Update Procedure