Projectors Compatible with ET-SWA100 Software

Refer to the table below to see whether your projector model is compatible with ET-SWA100 Early Warning Software.

  Projector Status Monitoring Maintenance Schedule Suggestion Early Warning
Fan Filter
PT-RQ13K Yes Yes Yes Yes
PT-RZ12K, PT-RS11K Yes Yes Yes Yes
PT-DZ21K2, PT-DS20K2, PT-DW17K2, PT-DZ16K2 Yes Yes Yes Yes
PT-DZ21K*1, PT-DS20K*1, PT-DW17K*1, PT-DZ16K Yes Yes Yes Yes*2
PT-DZ13K, PT-DS12K, PT-DW11K, PT-DZ10K Yes Yes Yes Yes*2
PT-DZ8700/DZ110X*1, PT-DS8500/DS100X*1,
Yes Yes Yes No
PT-EX16K, PT-EX12K Yes Yes No No
PT-RZ670, PT-RW630 Yes Yes Yes -*5
PT-RZ470, PT-RW430 Yes Yes No -*5
PT-RZ475 Yes*3 Yes*3 No -*5
PT-RZ370, PT-RW330 Yes Yes No -*5
PT-DZ870, PT-DW830, PT-DX100 Yes*3 Yes*3 Yes*3 -*4
PT-DZ780, PT-DW750, PT-DX820 Yes Yes Yes -*4
PT-DZ770K, PT-DW740S, PT-DX810S Yes Yes Yes No
PT-DZ680, PT-DW640, PT-DX610 Yes Yes No No
PT-DZ6710, PT-DZ6700, PT-DW6300S, PT-D6000S,
Yes Yes No No
PT-DZ570, PT-DW530, PT-DX500 Yes Yes No -*4
PT-EZ770Z, PT-EW730Z, PT-EX800Z Yes*2 Yes*2 Yes*2 No
PT-EZ580, PT-EW640, PT-EW540, PT-EX610, PT-EX510 Yes*2 Yes*2 Yes*2 No
PT-EZ570, PT-EW630, PT-EX600, PT-EW530, PT-EX500 Yes Yes No No
PT-FW430, PT-FX400 Yes Yes No No
PT-LZ370 Yes Yes No No
PT-VZ575N, PT-VZ570, PT-VW535N, PT-VW530,
PT-VX605N, PT-VX600
Yes Yes Yes No
PT-VW431D Yes Yes No No
PT-VW440, PT-VX510 Yes Yes No No
PT-VW435N, PT-VW430, PT-VX505N, PT-VX500 Yes Yes No No
PT-VW355N, PT-VW350, PT-VX425N, PT-VX420 Yes Yes Yes No
PT-VW345NZ, PT-VW340Z, PT-VX415NZ, PT-VX410Z,
Yes Yes No No
PT-VW330, PT-VX400NT, PT-VX400, PT-VX41 Yes Yes No No
PT-TW231R, PT-TW230 Yes Yes No No
PT-ST10 Yes Yes No No
PT-DZ12000*6, PT-D12000*6, PT-DW100*6 Yes Yes No No
PT-DW730S*6, PT-DX800S*6 Yes Yes No No
PT-FW300NT*6, PT-FW300*6, PT-F300NT*6, PT-F300*6 Yes Yes No No

As of November 2015

  • *1 Required firmware update for the PT-DZ21K/DS20K/DW17K, PT-DZ8700/DZ110X, PT-DS8500/DS100X and PT-DW8300/DW90X.
  • *2 Available from software version 1.1.
  • *3 Available from software version 1.0.1.
  • *4 Filter-free for optics model.
  • *5 Filter-free model.
  • *6 Discontinued model.
  • Note: Please contact your sales representative for more details on ET-SWA100 software. (Contact Information)