Projectors Supporting Geometric Adjustment Feature and Upgrade Kits

Refer to the table below to see whether your projector model supports Geometric Adjustment feature and upgrade kits.

Manager Pro
Upgrade Kit for Geometry Manager
Pro Software
PT-RQ13K Yes Yes Yes Yes
PT-RZ12K, PT-RS11K Yes Yes Yes Yes
PT-DZ21K2, PT-DS20K2 Yes Yes Yes Yes
PT-DW17K2, PT-DZ16K2 Yes No No No
PT-DZ21K, PT-DS20K Yes Yes Yes Yes
PT-DW17K No No No No
PT-DZ16K Yes No No No
PT-DZ13K, PT-DS12K Yes Yes Yes Yes
PT-DW11K No No No No
PT-DZ10K Yes Yes No Yes
PT-RZ970 Yes Yes Yes Yes
PT-RW930, PT-RX110 Yes No No No
PT-RZ670 Yes Yes Yes Yes
PT-RW630 No No No No
PT-DZ870 Yes Yes Yes Yes
PT-DW830, PT-DX100 No No No No
PT-DZ780 Yes Yes Yes Yes
PT-DW750, PT-DX820 Yes No No No

As of June 2016

Notes for the ET-CUK10:
A firmware update is required to use these functions. Available for use worldwide except in the United States.
Availability varies depending on the country. For more information, please contact the sales company in your region (Contact Information).