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About Panasonic

Career Development

Rise to the Challenge - the development of experts with a broad view of business management

Learning and Developing

We earnestly provide employees with the best training and development possible. We wholeheartedly support employees in acquiring new knowledge and technical expertise. Through trainings, courses, and corporate resources we are targeting the realization of the individual development plans of our employees, providing an abundance of opportunities for personal growth.

Career Paths facilitated by Corporate Training

Panasonic provides extensive programs to train the next generation of leaders and specialists. Executive Management Development Programs are conducted for the upper management strata of Panasonic outside Japan, and the Working in Japan program - which provides assignments and training opportunities in Japan - is facilitating placement of managers in product development, manufacturing, and sales.

Global Training Program - Working in Japan

The extensive Working in Japan program provides the selected candidates with cross-cultural experiences, skills, and contacts crucial for their future careers, adding to their own expertise as Engineers, Marketers, IT Specialists and other.

Konosuke Matsushita on Human Development

Already the founder of Panasonic, Konosuke Matsushita, saw a relation between business success and the development of young talent. Read his original words.

Global Home You are here:About Panasonic > containsCareers > containsCareer Development