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Type of Personnel Desired

1. Practice the Basic Business Philosophy

The very basic requirement is to practice the Basic Business Philosophy.

Panasonic's Basic Business Philosophy comes from the Founder's view of business, i.e., business has social responsibilities to fulfill. The fulfillment of such responsibilities is impossible without each employee's cultivation of personality and ability through daily earnest practice and reflection.

When all employees are convinced that their efforts to this end comply with social requests and expectations, they can obtain personal pride and joy, and thus be able to lead a full life.

Practicing the Basic Business Philosophy is the very basic requirement for Panasonic personnel.

2. Independence and Aspiration

The challenging spirit is the source of creation.

Panasonic owes its present development to the spirit of independence, the deep sense of entrepreneurship and the continuous challenges to unexplored fields on the part of the Founder and other predecessors.

For further corporate growth, it is essential that each employee strive for self-innovation in quick response to circumstances. Constant endeavor for the better leads to aspirations and daring.

The source of fresh growth is the spirit of independence and aspiration; it is the enterprising spirit of voluntary conceptualization and creation, without dependence on others, the resolute will to challenge one's limits, without fear of failure.

3. Top-of-the-field Expertise

Specialist knowledge conducive to society must be cultivated.

In this age, when technology and products advance and society diversifies day by day, true specialists are sought in each field.

In engineering, manufacturing, sales or any other job, it is essential to first identify actual conditions and learn the basic knowledge for implementing the job, then refine skills and expertise in response to the changes of the times, thereby enhancing expert abilities. Important for this purpose is to think and act practically at each individual workplace.

This attitude fosters the development of experts with a broad view of business management. Individual employees must make steady efforts, through their jobs, to become true experts with practical ability conducive to the betterment of society.

4. Rich Personality

A variety of personalities enhances organizational vitality.

Personality is a character inherent in and distinctive to an individual. Allowing the full play of personality on the job gives individuals the greatest joy, motivation in both life and job, a sense of belonging to an organization and a sense of fulfillment as a human being.

Therefore, individual employees must take an unbiased look at their own personalities and nurture their strong points. Also crucial is to create a rich personality in oneself by accepting, respecting and synergistically developing the personalities of others.

Organizational vitality and creativity result from the intermingling of various rich personalities, each of which is given full play.

5. Cosmopolitan View

A cooperative attitude with mutual understanding must be cultivated.

All employees of Panasonic, whose business now spans the world, are variously associated with the international community through their jobs. The company must do business in appropriate harmony with individual countries.

As it is said that a good cosmopolitan is first of all a person who loves his/her own country, all employees must accurately grasp the actual conditions of his/her own country, thoroughly learn their roles as members of the international community and increase their knowledge of the situations and cultures of other countries. The first step toward internationalization is to impartially accept the differences between nations, when come new approaches, new ways of thinking, from the international point of view.

All employees must strive to become cosmopolitans with a broad view. To this end they must acquire the attitude and ability to work together with other peoples, for the benefit of mutual development, in consideration of mutual positions and with reciprocal trust.

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