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Meet Our People

Employees from Panasonic Around the World

Qingwen Panasonic Taiwan

I'm engaged in the development of products specifically designed for the Taiwanese market, including a portable CD player released to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Panasonic Taiwan, large-capacity tilted drum-type washer/dryers, and refrigerators equipped with an automatic ice making function. I earned the Silver Prize at the All-Matsushita Skills Competition for the second consecutive year. I'm always thinking about the development of competitive products, day and night.

Yiting Panasonic China

As part of product planning strategies for high-end microprocessor-controlled rice cookers, I'm promoting product marketing by targeting affluent consumers mainly in the coastal areas of China. Models to be released in 2008 include high-end products employing new designs and original functions that meet specific needs in China. I want to further expand demand for highly value-added products.

Gurumohan Panasonic India

Our sales increased 40% from a year earlier as a result of the release of original rice cookers designed for the Indian market. I'm making efforts to significantly expand shops dedicated to Panasonic products from the conventional sales style mainly through mass retailers. I want to raise the brand image by boosting market penetration of high-end models earlier.

Oscar Panasonic Spain

I'm working in the marketing and sales of the LUMIX digital still cameras, aiming to enhance the brand image. I've been striving hard to introduce a product line-up and give demonstrations to camera shops and department stores, which account for 45% of camera sales in Spain. As a result, our LUMIX camera has been selected by many stores as a regular feature on their shelves.

Rejane Panasonic Brazil

My job is to market microwave ovens, whose demand has already topped 2 million in Brazil. Aiming to further boost sales, I held numerous product demonstrations at mass retailers. I want to analyze market and product trends in greater depth and incorporate the results in product planning.

William Panasonic North America

I have been in high-tech marketing and product management for my entire career (22 years) and I have had the privilege of working on many successful and iconic consumer electronic products. However, I believe that my greatest achievement has been the development of a strong personal commitment to maintain the highest possible ethical standards and personal integrity. This is demonstrated through my dedication to my team, our company and our customers.

Global Home You are here:About Panasonic > containsCareers > containsLife@Panasonic > containsMeet Our People