Floor Guide

Floor Guide

Listening to Your Voice to Realize "Dreams" and "Comfort" Yet to Be Defined

Panasonic Center Osaka is a Global Communications Hub for Panasonic.

With a vision to realize ‘A Better Life, A Better World’ for every individual customer, the Center serves as a vehicle for communications, receiving opinions and requests directly from customers while presenting actual products and services.

Starting with a firm customer commitment, we will create new value as we reach out to more people.
Panasonic Center Osaka will continue to evolve together with its customers.

Fusion of art and technology
Development of lighting solutions

The expressive effects of Panasonic’s LED lighting solutions have been brought out to the full in an entrance symbol for Grand Front Osaka, boosting both the area’s vibrancy and its topicality.

2F:Discover your own new lifestyle LIFE STYLE Floor

This is a place where you can see, touch, eat, interact and discover new lifestyle hints to make your life better than yesterday. You can also learn about the ideas and know-how of lifestyle experts. Be inspired to create a lifestyle that suits you, and tell us about your own ideas.

1F:Considering the lifestyle of tomorrow, together SOLUTION Floor

This floor allows you to experience Panasonic’s Eco & Smart lifestyle solutions. Developed with a focus on people’s lifestyles, we present our ideas to make homes more eco-friendly while offering greater sense of security and safety, comfort and convenience, health and beauty, and finally fun. Discover new values to suit all manner of different lifestyles.

B1F:Household equipment showroom LIVING Floor

A place that brings your own lifestyle preferences to life. Designed to suit a variety of different homes –from couples with their own tastes to two-generation homes, elderly couples, and young families – our displays use the latest products to present new ways of living. The See-Touch-Try Products Section allows you to get a hands-on experience of the latest living facilities – providing inspiration and enjoyment for those planning their own new homes or contemplating doing so in future.