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Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture

In an effort to foster the development of next generation of artists and musicians, Panasonic utilizes its various resources, including capital, digital sound technology, company facilities and employee participation, to support a variety of arts and culture activities, including the following:

Global Programs

Pacific Music Festival

Pacific Music Festival

This festival was established in 1990 by the late Leonard Bernstein. Music academy students from around the world come together in the city of Sapporo, and receive lessons from celebrated musicians. Panasonic supports concerts given across Japan by the PMF Orchestra in which the students participate. Since 2003, we have provided special sponsorship for the concert given in Osaka.

Local Programs

Panasonic Contemporary Exhibition  (Thailand)

Panasonic Contemporary Exhibition

In collaboration with the Fine Arts Department of Silpakorn University, the company has organized and held the Panasonic Contemporary Exhibition at the National Gallery in Thailand since 1995. Besides offering hundreds of young promising artists a chance to display their art to the general public, the exhibition also aims to promote an understanding of contemporary art. Artworks submitted to the contest are judged and the artists behind the winning masterpieces are awarded scholarships as well as Panasonic products.

Young Prague Festival  (Czech Republic)

Young Prague Festival

In the Czech Republic, we are a proud sponsor of The Young Prague Festival, an event held every summer that gives musicians aged 15 to 30 from around the world the invaluable opportunity to make their debut onto the international music scene. Since Panasonic began sponsoring the event in 1997, hundreds of young classical instrumentalists, singers, chamber group performers, conductors and composers have showcased their talents to thousands of attendees at world-class venues as well as networked with musicians and other professionals in the classical music industry.

Panasonic Tour of "Shakespeare for Children Series"  (Japan)

Panasonic Tour of

In Japan, the company has supported the Panasonic Tour of the "Shakespeare for Children Series," a well-received series of famous playwright's works rearranged for children and parents to enjoy. In addition to funding the nation-wide tour every summer since 2000, Panasonic, with the help of employee volunteers, assists in the planning and production of the plays and related workshops for children. Over 12 plays have been held in 16 cities across Japan, introducing the plays to more than 17,000 children and adults.

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