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Contributing to biodiversity conservation by supporting WWF

2008 activity in China

Activity scenery Activity group Activity name Summary
China Ocean News Press, Oceanic and Fishery Administration of Nantong, Communist Youth League Committee of Nantong, Fisheries Society of Nantong, Nantong Marine Environment Monitoring Center and Dong Zhaoxiang Central Elementary School of Haimen City China's Yellow Sea, Word's Yellow Sea-China's Action Plan on YSE Photo contest on biodiversity and key habitats of the whole Yellow Sea Ecoregion(Nantong)
Environmental and Natural Resources Law Institute of Shandong Law Society Coastal City & Colourful Home-Improving Public Awareness on Biodiversity and Coastal Habitats Protection in the Yellow Sea Ecoregion Study tour for team of government officials, environmental law and natural science researchers, journalists, and student representatives to the Yellow River Delta.
College of Ocean, Shandong University-Weihai The conservation and public awareness on marine biodiversity in Yantai and Weihai Eco-region of the Yellow Sea of China Stakeholder workshop on biodiversity conservation in the Yellow Sea Ecoregion
Education of fishing community on the protection of endangered marine life
First Institute of Oceanography Maintaining and conserving the biodiversity, building harmonious ecosystem together A two-day training organized for 15 volunteers on coastal wetland conservation, marine protected management and integrated coastal management.
Sino-Unino create city environment laboratory Birds, beach, natural harbor
Focus on raising local awareness of migratory shore bieds and coastal wetlands.
A series of public awareness activities on coastal wetland conservation were taken.

2008 activity in Korea

Activity scenery Activity group Activity name Summary
Green Korea United The Friends of Spotted Seals from the Baekryeong Island : A Monitoring on Spotted Seals Organized a spotted seal monitoring team of Baekryeong school students
→ Raised awarness of the students, parents and local communities on the ecology of spotted seals and the conservation issues
Eco-Horizon Institute Folk Festival on Tidal Flat, Organized by People from Muan Area Organized the folk play performance team of people from Woldu Village, with an assistance of a local professional theatrical company
→ Raised awarness of Woldu and adjacent villages on the notion that marine protected areas are important and beneficial their livelihoods.
Jeju Wildlife Research Center Publishing a material for migratory birds and environmental education based on local areas Development of contents and collection of photos and materials to be included.
→ Strengthened partnerships of local stakeholders

2009 activity in China

  Activity group Activity name Summary
Shanghai Wildbird Society Education on Conservation of Biodiversity in Nanhuidongtan 1 In July and August, gave lectures and guided tours to Nanhuidongtan for college students in Shanghai
Huaihai Institute of Technology Harmonious Biosphere, Magnetic Haizhou Bay 1 In March, offered lecture on the ecological importance of Haizhou Bay 100 preliminary school students.
2 In October, organized study tour to coastal wetland for high-school and collegw students.
Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Environmental Education on Island Biodiversity of the Qiansandao 1 In May, conducted biodiversity survey in waters around the Qiansandao Islands.
2 In July, offered workshop to 150 fishermen and mariculture practitioners on sustainable fishery and mariculture.
The school of Law and Political Science of Ocean University of China Wetlands / Waterbirds / Environment Protection Volunteers 1 In March, a volunteer group of over 20 students formed and trained
2 In August, a study tour to Canzhou, including both field trip to coastal wetlands and communication with Canzhou government stakeholders
Shenyang University of Technology, Center of Ecology Study on the Breeding Population of Black-faced Spoonbill and Environmental Education 3 large scale and 4 small surveys have been conducted in Changshan Islands.

2009 activity in Korea

Activity scenery Activity group Activity name Summary
PGA Wetland Ecology Institute Sustainable fishery in Han River estuary with local community 1 Restoration of traditional methods and equipments used in eel fishing.
2 Brackish and Migratory species monitoring in collabpration with fishermen.
Korea Network for Coastal Conservation Shihwa Lake - Daebu Island regional integration program for production culture and tidal flat ecosustems 1 Develop "Daebu Island Ecotourism Map"
2 Make foundation for a regional eco-tourism plan & Form a local community group.
Eco-Horizon Institute Establishing Sustainable Development Plan of Yongsan Village in Muan Tidal Flat 1 Organize a village corporative to establish the Yongsan village sustainable development plan.
2 Education program"

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