Rechargeable Batteries (Rechargeable Batteries)

Lithium - ion Batteries,Nickel - Metal Hydride Batteries,Nickel - Cadmium Batteries (Cadnica),Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries,VRLA battery for EV

Primary Batteries(Including "Coin type lithium rechargeable")

Lithium Batteries,Button Batteries,Dry Batteries       Battery/energy device product safety data sheet

Batteries for Retail and Battery Related Products

EVOLTA / Dry Batteries,eneloop / Chargers,Automotive Batteries,Portable Power Supply

Rechargeable Batteries for Environmentally Friendly Automobiles

Panasonic has various batteries for environmentally friendly automobiles based on the rechargeable battery technology for consumer products with the history for 45 years or more. Mass production of the next generation Li-ion battery has been started in addition to the Ni-MH batteries have been supplied to car makers from 2004.

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