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Panasonic Konosuke Matsushita Museum

Products on Display

* Developed in 1952 - 1958
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Electric Blender 1952
Electric Blender

First motor-driven kitchen appliance.
5-Tube Super Heterodyne Radio 1952
5-Tube Super Heterodyne Radio

One of the best-selling radios produced in early 1950's.
Portable Radio 1952
Portable Radio

First portable radio.
Electric Refrigerator Electric Refrigerator
Developed in 1953
First electric refrigerator.

Pulsator-type Washing Machine 1954
Pulsator-type Washing Machine
First pulsator-type washing machine with wringer.
[Hyper] Dry Battery 1954
"Hyper" Dry Battery

Dry battery technology began to make progress.
Double Cone Hi-Fi Speaker 1954
Double Cone Hi-Fi Speaker

Audio technology began to make progress.
Radio with Printed Circuit Board 1955
Radio with Printed Circuit Board

First printed-circuit-board radio produced in Japan.
Battery-powered Gas lgniter 1955
Battery-powered Gas lgniter

First in a series of automatic igniter gas appliance.
Mercury Batteries 1955
Mercury Batteries

First mercury battery developed using original technology.
Home Air-Conditioner 1958
Home Air-Conditioner

(Window Model W-31)

First room air-conditioner.
Tape Recorder 1958
Tape Recorder

First tape recorder for home use.
Cylinder-type Vacuum Cleaner 1959
Cylinder-type Vacuum Cleaner

Advances made in vacuum cleaner production.



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