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Panasonic Konosuke Matsushita Museum

Short Stories about the Museum
Konosuke's Comments on the Museum
Konosuke had this to say about this museum: “Have you seen our museum? We created it to commemorate the 50th anniversary of our company. I gave many instructions about the design of the building. It's rather attractive, don't you think? When the building was completed, many people praised it as an elegant structure in the Southern European style.”

Panasonic opened this museum on March 7 in the 50th anniversary year of 1968. Originally, it was called the Matsushita Electric House of History. Its external appearance mirrored that of the Panasonic head office in 1933. Since its establishment, the museum has been visited and appreciated by many people as a place where they can learn about Panasonic's history and traditional spirit, and gain insight into the future direction of the company.

Visiting the museum after its renovation in the year of the 65th anniversary, Konosuke commented: “The museum not only tells me of the company's history but also traces my personal history over half a century. That said, the company could not have grown solely through my own efforts. It owes much to the support and goodwill of many people, including its employees and others. Each item displayed in the museum brings back memories of people I met in those days. Once again, I hear the exuberant buzz and bustle of young employees. My heart is overwhelmed by this experience. This museum is a place for arriving at something new by remembering the past.”

The Konosuke Matsushita Museum is visited by many Panasonic employees and members of the public. Here, they can learn not only about Konosuke's management philosophy but also about history itself as exemplified by the display of products that are of historical value.



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