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Panasonic Konosuke Matsushita Museum

Short Stories about the Museum
Ohiraki-cho, the Birthplace of Panasonic
In the museum, you will see the House of the Foundation, a reproduction of the house that Konosuke used as a workshop when he founded Panasonic.

Inside can be found pots, pedal-driven machinery and molding equipment that were actually used by Konosuke at that time for making attachment plugs and other products.

Outside, in the courtyard, you will see good-luck roof tiles (like gargoyles) and stone lanterns from the head office that Konosuke built in Ohiraki-cho. The roof tiles are from the original building and the stone lanterns are from the courtyard.

On March 7, 1918, at the age of 23, Konosuke established Panasonic (then Matsushita Electric Devices Manufacturing Works) in Ohiraki-cho, Osaka City. Then, he invented the company's early products such as improved attachment plugs and double cluster sockets.

On November 27, 2004, to mark the 110th anniversary of Konosuke's birth, a monument commemorating “the place where Konosuke Matsushita founded his business” was set up in Ohiraki-cho. This gesture was part of community building activities, supported by donations from about 9,300 persons, including local volunteers, Panasonic employees and ex-employees, who regretted that there had been nothing in Ohiraki-cho to recognize this town as the place where Konosuke founded his business.

The monument is 1.8 meters high and 2 meters wide. It bears an inscription of a Chinese character representing the Way (道), replicating Konosuke's own calligraphy.

Besides this monument, you will find in Ohiraki-cho nameplates showing the House of the Foundation and the place where Konosuke's factory used to stand.

「松下幸之助 創業の地」記念碑建立式典の写真


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