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History of KWN

KWN (Kid Witness News) program started with 19 public schools in the United States in 1989. During the 1990´s, the program spread throughout the U.S. and Canada, and with the dawn of the 21st century, the expansion reached a global scale.
From around 2005 onward, workshops were organized to present kids with video shooting and film-making lessons by professionals.
Exchanges among KWN participating schools, including internet interaction, greatly expanded. 2009 marked KWN´s 20th year in operation, and this wave of global exchange will continue to grow with the participation of children from even more countries/regions.

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1989 The KWN program started in the United States. -
1991 KWN began in Canada. View
2002 KWN programs were launched in Japan, Europe, and Asia.
2004 International Award established. At this point, an accumulated total of more than 70,000 children had participated from around the world.
2005 An "EXPO 2005 Special Contest" was held in conjunction with the "EXPO 2005 Aichi Japan". View
2006 An official "KWN Forum" started on the Internet. View
2007 International exchanges among KWN schools increased. View
2008 The annual KWN Global Contest was officially established. View
2009 KWN's 20th anniversary View
2010 Video archive site with a search engine "KWN Global Library" was launched.
An International exchange using Panasonicís HD Visual Communication System was held between Japan and Canada.
2011 KWN Global Contest Awards ceremony was held in Hollywood, U.S.A. View
2012 KWN Global Contest Awards ceremony was held in London, U.K View
2013 KWN Global Contest Global Awards Ceremony was held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France.

Number of kids that have participated - a total of 170,000
As of Mar. 2014, Kids from more than 548 schools in 23 countries/region have been participating.
Kids who are cultivating their communication skills by learning the importance of teamwork through the KWN video creation is increasing to 10,000 annually.
21Year History of KWNZoom

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