The History of

Panasonic has contributed to the Olympic movement as a TOP sponsor (TOP standing for The Olympic Partner Program) ever since the 1988 Calgary Olympic Winter Games. "Sharing the Passion" is all about delivering and sharing the awe that such performances inspire amongst people throughout the world. We hope that this site will help you to better appreciate Panasonic's -year involvement in the Olympic Games.

  • LONDONWorldwide Partner

  • VANCOUVERWorldwide Partner

  • BEIJINGWorldwide Partner

  • TORINOWorldwide Partner

  • ATHENSWorldwide Partner

  • SALT LAKE CITYWorldwide Partner

  • SYDNEYWorldwide Partner

  • NAGANOWorldwide Partner

  • ATLANTAWorldwide Partner

  • LILLEHAMMERWorldwide Partner

  • BARCELONAWorldwide Partner

  • ALBERTVILLEWorldwide Partner

  • SEOULWorldwide Partner

  • CALGARYWorldwide Partner