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Network Camera

Faq Contents

The camera image is not displayed or not displayed properly. [Image_display]

  1. [Cause1]
    ActiveX® Controls are not installed in Internet Explorer.
    ActiveX Controls should be installed to display video(Motion JPEG).

  2. [Cause2]
    The network is congested.
    Pages may not be displayed immediately. Wait for a moment.

  3. [Cause3]
    The camera's IP address was changed.
    Access the camera with the new IP address if a gray screen is displayed.

  4. [Cause4]
    There are currently more than 30 different users trying to access the video (Motion JPEG).
    Reduce the number of users accessing the camera to below 30, or change the video to still images.

  5. [Cause5]
    Operation time has been specified.
    A gray screen is displayed outside the operation time. This is normal.

  6. [Cause6]
    The web browser is accessing a proxy server.
    Set the web browser to access the Internet directly.

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