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Electronic Whiteboard

Color Panaboard

What's a Color Panaboard?

Color Panaboard can scan written information in either color or black and white, and store the scanned data.
The scanned data can be easily transferred to a PC by using an SD Memory Card*, a USB flash memory device* or a USB cable, and distributed via email for easy sharing. The scanned data is also easy to carry about. When the optional printer is connected, scanned data can be printed out* immediately.
Color Panaboard gives you maximum power in presentations and conferences.

* For information on SD Memory Cards, USB flash memory devices and external printers that can be connected to Panaboard, please click here.

Film Board UB-5838C/UB-5338C

Developed with easy use and security in mind

The endless screen models let users scroll to the second screen by simply pressing a button. No more need to manually rotate the board during presentations. Wall mounting is also possible for offices with limited space.

Film Board

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