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Electronic Whiteboard

Standard Panaboard

What's a Standard Panaboard?

It's a whiteboard that lets you scan information written on the board in black and white, and immediately print it out.
The scanned data can be transferred to a PC by connecting the PC to Panaboard with a USB cable. The Panaboard lineup includes various models for different applications, ranging from the basic type to high-end models for use in hotel conference rooms and boardrooms.

Metallic Design UB-7325/7320/5820/5320

Designed to match the luxurious interiors of boardrooms and hotel conference rooms.

This high-end model has a large frame and a deluxe appearance not offered by ordinary whiteboards.

Metallic Design

Metallic & Slim Design UB-5865 / 5365

Excellent functions and a beautiful design.

The metal frame and low-profile body add to the elegance of a meeting room with truly functional beauty.

Metallic & Slim Design

Slim Design UB-5835/5335/5310

Ideal for wide range of offices.

The all-in-one slim design is a whiteboard with printer made possible by including only the most necessary functions and minimal design features. It is a practical model for uses in a wide range of locations.

Slim Design

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