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Multi-Function Laser (All-in-One)

The All-in-One Monochrome A4 MFP DP-MB310 / DP-MB250 KX-MB2500 Series KX-MB2200 Series

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Easy Operation and Maintenance

Backlit LCD*

Together with the concentrated control panel, the LCD panel indicates the current function mode and current status. The easy to-see backlit LCD allows you to easily operate the printer even in the dark.

* Available on DP-MB310, DP-MB250 and KX-MB2500 Series.

Easy-to-operate control panel

All the operation buttons are concentrated on the front control panel in a simplified layout. A slanted panel design allows the user to easily operate the printer whether standing up or sitting down.

Easy to access to maintain machine

Basic operation such as replacing consumables and paper can be done from the front side easily.

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