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Multi-Function Laser (All-in-One)

The All-in-One Monochrome A4 MFP DP-MB310 / DP-MB250 KX-MB2500 Series KX-MB2200 Series

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Low Power Consumption Further Boosts Efficiency

Low power consumption

If the printer is not used for 5 minutes, it will enter Sleep mode and the power consumption will drop to less than 1 watt*.

* When only USB interface is connected and LAN is OFF mode. Power consumption in sleep mode depends on machine condition.

ECO mode

A dedicated ECO button is located on the control panel. When selected, the ECO button enables two energy-saving functions. First, the duration before the printer enters Power Save mode is set to 1 minute. At the same time the 2-in-1 and Duplex Copy modes are automatically set while the backlight* is set to OFF, effectively reducing both paper and power consumption.

* A backlight is not available on the KX-MB2200 Series.

Networks Make Work More Efficient

Web Fax Preview Function*

You can read the faxes you receive on a PC web browser first, and then decide to print them, save them to the PC, or delete them. This minimizes wasteful printouts.

* Available on the DP-MB310, DP-MB250, KX-MB2575, KX-MB2545, KX-MB2540 and KX-MB2200 Series.

Network Sharing

Up to 30 PCs can be connected to a single unit on a network. This lets a single all-in-one printer meet the needs of everyone in the office.

Network Security

You can restrict access users with the IP address filter. This provides powerful support for today's businesses, which place strong emphasis on information security.

Easy Network Setting

You can check the status and change the settings of the unit right on your PC screen without having to walk all the way to the machine. Because you don't have to leave your PC, it saves time and lets you work more efficiently.

Standard 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet and Wi-Fi®*

All models come standard with 10base-T/100base-TX Ethernet network port. This means you can control the printer from any PC on the local area network. The KX-MB2575, KX-MB2275 and KX-MB2270 are also equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi® wireless network function. The WPS key* on the control panel lets you easily easily configure a wireless network when a Wi-Fi® router is installed.

* Available on the KX-MB2575, KX-MB2275 and KX-MB2270.

• Wi-Fi is registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.

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