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2-LINE Cordless Phone with Link-to-Cell KX-TG954x Series

360° View


You can use 3-LINE

2-LINE with Link-to-Cell

With 2 landlines and Link-to-Cell via Bluetooth, 3-Line simultaneous communication is possible.
Up to 6 handsets can be kept on standby at the same time. Up to 4 cell phones can be registered.

The 2-line Answering
System Settings

2-LINE answering system

The 2-LINE answering system is used separately for ordinary contacts, emergency contacts, etc. Very useful in a variety of situations, such as when using two separate lines for private and business use.

The total recording capacity for both lines added together is about 60 minutes.

You can set the start/end time of the greeting messages.

You can even use the phone during a power failure

Power Back-Up Operation

If the power goes out, the phone will operate using 2 AAA batteries so you don’t miss a call.

* The batteries for the base unit sold separately.
* Both alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries can be used for the base unit, but we recommend to use the charged batteires (supplied) installed in your handset.

Stop Unwanted Calls

Call Block

You can block annoying calls from unwanted callers. Calls from the call block list or without phone numbers will be blocked if they call you. The KX-TG954x disconnects the call and emits no sound to the caller.

* You can program this setting using either the base unit or one of the handsets.
* Caller ID subscribers only.

Easy-to-Use Design


Bundle Models
Model Number Includes
KX-TG9541 1 handset
KX-TG9542 2 handsets

Optional Accessories

Optional Handset KX-TGA950
Key Finder / Key Detector KX-TGA20

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Global Home You are here:Products & Solutions > containsHome Communication > containsTelephone > containsProducts > containsKX-TG954x Series