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Office Communication System

KX-NS1000 FAX Driver


Operating system File Name Size File Version
Windows XP(32bit)
Windows Vista(32bit)
Windows 7(32bit)
Windows 8(32bit)
8,938,929 bytes 2013 Jan. 24
Windows 7(64bit)
Windows 8(64bit)
8,933,413 bytes 2013 Jan. 24


FAX Driver software is installed to the PC, and is the printer device (Named "Panasonic NS1000 FAX Driver") to work with Windows® operating system.
When printing to this device from the application, the fax can be sent to the specified address via PBX (KX-NS1000).
Be careful that it is possible to send fax only in this software.

Software requirement:

  1. FAX Driver runs on the PC (Personal Computer) in following Windows® operating system.
    Windows XP (For 32bit)
    Windows Vista (For 32bit)
    Windows 7 (For 32/64bit)
    Windows 8 (For 32/64bit)
    Windows Update to keep your system up-to-date with the latest software patches.
  2. HELP file of FAX Driver is created as the PDF data.
    If no PDF viewer software is installed on your PC, please install any PDF viewer software on your PC.
  3. FAX Driver need "Microsoft® .Net Framework v2.0 Service Pack 2(SP2)" to be worked. When it isn't on your PC, please install it before FAX Driver is installed.
    The ".Net Framework v2.0" has two types of service pack SP1 and SP2.
    When there is the Service Pack 1 module or no Service Pack module in your PC, the FAX Driver cannot work correctly.

- In case of Windows XP:
In the initial condition, there is no ".Net Framework v2.0" module.
Please install the ".Net Framework v2.0 SP2" before FAX Driver is installed.
Note: Check the ".Net Framework" version by the "Add or Remove" information of the control panel.
If FAX Driver is installed without ".Net Framework v2.0" module, the installer displays the error message.
In this case, stop the setup and install the ".Net Framework v2.0 SP2". After this, please install FAX Driver again.

- In case of Windows Vista:
In the initial condition, there is a ".Net Framework v2.0 without service pack".
Please upgrade it to Service pack2 before FAX Driver is installed.
When service pack2 is installed, the ".Net Framework v2.0" will also be updated by Service pack2 too.
Check the "System" information from the Control panel.
The service pack for the ".Net Framework v2.0" doesn't exist for Windows Vista.
By installed the ".Net Framework v3.5 SP1", the ".Net Framework v2.0" is upgraded to the service pack 2.
Note: Check the ".Net Framework v3.5 SP1" by the "Add or Remove" information of the Control panel.

- In case of Windows 7:
In the initial condition, the service pack 2 applies to the ".Net Framework v2.0".
Therefore there is no need to do before FAX Driver is installed.

- In case of Windows 8:
".Net Framework v2.0 SP2" has not installed by default in Windows8.
Please install ".Net Framework v3.5 SP1" before FAX Driver is installed.

Windows®, Windows Vista® and Microsoft® .NET are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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