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Office Communication System

KX-NT55x, KX-DT5xx

We recommend the setting of EHS configuration switch, Speaking volume and Listening volume as following table.
These volume settings enable a conversation in suitable volume without a distortion.

Type Brand Series Model EHS FW version EHS cable EHS configuration switch EHS Master Volume Setting
(Speaking vol position, Listening vol position)
EHS Plantronics Savi® Office
Savi® Talk
Savi® 700
WO100 convertible 2.5mm Male To 2.5mm Male
Stereo Audio Cable
A 3, 3
WT100/T A 3, 3
W710@(over-the-head,monaural) A 4, 2
W720@(over-the-head,binaural) A 3, 2
W730@(over-the-air) A 4, 2
W740 (convertible) A 4, 2
CS500™ CS510 (over-the-head, monaural) A 2, 2
CS520 (over-the-head,binaural) A 4, 2
CS530 (over-the-air) A 3, 2
CS540 (convertible) A 3, 2
Jabra PRO 9450 PC suite 2.13.4910
Pro 94xx FW 3.11.0 or above
Panasonic Adapter
JABRA LINK 14201-40
Default (Manyal Switch Center position), No setting
9460 7, No setting
9470 5, No setting

All operations ,functions and sound quality are not given a guarantee.
Moreover, sound quality is different according to the headset of EHS.

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