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Frequently asked question for cordlessphone

Question1. Where can I get Operating Instructions?


If you need the operating instructions manual (In case you lost the manual or purchased a second-hand Panasonic product), please download pdf manual from below web site. if you cannot find your required model number, contact your local dealer for a new one.
-Panasonic USA
-Panasonic UK
-Panasonic Communications UK
-Panasonic Deutschland

Question2. What is memory effect?


Memory effect is a reversible failure mode that causes a Ni-Cd battery to fall below it's rated performance because of certain mode of operation. It is caused by repetitive discharge to a shallow depth. For example, a Ni-Cd battery repeatedly discharged only 25%(75% of charge unused) and then fully charged will, after perhaps 50 or more of such cycles, deliver only 25% of it's rated capacity when a deep discharge is then attempted. In other words, the Ni-Cd battery remembers it's past operating mode and refuses to live up to it's rating. So when such short period of usage are happend, a deep discharge and after that full charge are useful for refresh.

Question3. Dose Panasonic Ni-Cd battery have memory effect?


According to manufacturer's specification data Panasonic Ni-Cd battery, Memory effect is virtually nonexistent. However, Panasonic cordlessphone circuit is designed for cut off voltage of 3.0 to 3.3 volts to prevent any possible harm(memory effect) to the battery.

Question4. What if operation range is short?


Check to see if the radio wave environment is being interfered with or not. Check to see if the antenna is fully extended or not. Check to see if the battery is charged or not. In the case of ferro-concrete walls, there is no difficulty with conversation in the same room. However, it is possible that a conversation which is in a room divided by a ferro-concrete wall may be difficult. This is because the radio waves will not transmit well through obstacles.

Question5. What if the sound is distorted?


If there is something between the base unit and portable unit, the sound may become distorted. Try to move back and forth to a place that will have good transmission.

Question6. If I buy 2 sets of the same model, is it possible to switch and use the portable units with the other base units?


It depends on the model. There are some models which can and some which cannot.
The models which may be switched are as follows:

  1. Those that have user switchable ID codes.
  2. Those that have micro computer chip, automatics switchable ID codes.
    Other cordlessphones cannot be switched.

Question7. I have a KX-T3911B. Will it interfere with the KX-T9050B?


As there is a big difference between the frequencies, and also because the transmission output is so small, there is no need to worry.
KX-T3911B: 46/49 MHz (VHF)
KX-T9050B: 814/904 MHz (UHF)

Question8. Are there any problems about using the cordlessphone overseas?


In the case of cordlessphone, base unit and handset are conversed by radio frequency electric wave.
So the country regulation for electric wave are much concerned.
Therefore special attention is needed because those regulations are different in different countries.
Basically, the cordlessphone which is made for each countries should be used because each country have strict rules and regulations about the use of radio waves.
To distinguish the original country of your cordlessphone, please refer to"how to read model number". Moreover there are some countries where the model brought in from other countries can not be repaired.

Question9. Is it possible to buy handset of cordless phone only?


The handset is not sold independently in every country.
Because we have to guarantee the quality and performance regarding telephone equipment as a complete unit.
If your handset is broken, we recommend you to repair your handset by all means.

Question10. Do you provide the world-wide warranty?


World-wide warranty is not in practice at present and all warranties are valid only in the country where the unit is purchased. Because our products(Telephone and Fax) are originally designed to meet local regulation/standard of each country. So we don't assume world-wide warranty.

Question11. How to switch the selector to 'Tone' or 'Pulse' in dialing mode?


Please refer to following table.

Category Unit Description Operation
Cordless phone & facsimile The unit which has the Dialing Mode selector. Set to the 'TONE' position when your telephone line has touch tone service. If it has rotary service, set to the 'PULSE' position.
  1. Ensure that the dialing mode selector is set to 'TONE'.
  2. Lift the handset and dial familiar number.
  3. If the call is successful, the unit is connected to a tone exchange. Leave the selector 'TONE'.
  4. If the call is not successful, the unit is connected to a pulse exchange. Switch the selector to 'PULSE'.
  5. After leave the selector 'PULSE', try to lift the handset,dial the familiar number and check that the call is successful or not.
Facsimile The unit which has the detector circuit. No need to select. The unit will automatically set the dialing mode to 'TONE' or 'PULSE' when the unit is turned on if this feature is set to 'AUTO'.
Cordless phone The unit which sets dialing mode by programming with handset operation. The factory default is 'TONE'.
  1. Press 'PROGRAM' button.
  2. Press 'AUTO' button.
  3. To select 'PULSE', press # button twice or press *twice to select 'TONE'.
  4. Press 'PROGRAM/2 WAY REC' button. A confirmation beep will be heard.
  1. Press 'PROGRAM' button.
  2. Press 'SEARCH' key (lower arrow) until "SET DIAL MODE?" is displayed.
  3. Press 'SEARCH' key (upper arrow) to select YES.
  4. Press 'SEARCH' key (upper arrow) to select YES.

Question12. How to change flash time of telephone set?


Panasonic products are designed to meet the telephone regulation of each country.
If you want to change the flash time of your telephone, please contact the nearest Panasonic service center/dealer. Moreover, note that the flash time of some models cannot be changed.

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