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VIERA -Plasma TVs / LCD TVs


Solutions by Industry - Education

Linking Research Laboratories


When conducting collaborative research between multiple laboratories, the amount of time it takes to travel between the labs greatly reduces efficiency. However, image quality is a major problem with ordinary videoconference systems, and this forces researchers to hold face-to-face meetings.

HD Visual Communications System Solution

High image and sound quality, as well as a stable connection eliminates the need to travel, enabling highly constructive meetings and smooth research.

Distance Learning


The number of popular instructors is limited, and frequently those instructors cannot provide lectures at branch schools because of scheduling conflicts. Also, with ordinary videoconference systems, the image quality is so poor that it is difficult to make out the words written on the blackboard.

HD Visual Communications System Solution

It is possible to connect branch schools with popular instructors for remote lessons. The high image quality makes the words written on the blackboard clearly legible, and question-and-answer sessions can be conducted smoothly thanks to high sound quality and a stable connection.