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Professional Displays

VIERA -Plasma TVs / LCD TVs


Solutions by Industry - Healthcare

Remote Medical Consultation


Depending on the branch of medicine, there may not be many medical specialists in regional hospitals, so the disparity in medical treatment tends to become wider between city and rural hospitals. In order to offer detailed advice, medical specialists have to make frequent trips, which is burdensome.

HD Visual Communications System Solution

The high image quality makes it possible to display details, including the colours of affected areas. PC screens can also be shared, and the CT images in electronic charts can be displayed, providing an efficient way to share and receive immediate advice.

Medical Training


Lectures for doctors training in rural areas cannot be conducted because of a shortage in training personnel. With ordinary videoconference systems, the connection is unstable and question-and-answer sessions don' t go smoothly.

HD Visual Communications System Solution

Stable 2-way communication can be conducted with high sound quality, making it possible to conduct active lectures. With smooth question-and-answer sessions, lectures can be conducted efficiently even with a limited number of personnel.