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Why Panasonic?

Easy-to-understand remote control operation and screen displays.

Most operations can be handled using the remote control, so you can operate the system as if you were watching TV. Switching screen displays and switching between a PC and sub camera can be done easily with the click of a button. Large characters, buttons, easy-to-see displays, and colour combinations are designed for easy operation.

1 Turn on the main unit, TV, and camera.2 Select the access point from the screen's menu.3 Press the "Start" button.4 You're ready to start the meeting.
Commonly used functions can be easily operated by using allocated buttons.

Select the desired party with either a one-touch button or by using the address book. The remote control is as easy to use as a TV remote.

Speed Dial
You can contact five frequently called locations with a single touch.

Address Book
Select and connect to the desired party directly from the address book.

Connection Status Display Screen
You can easily check the connection status of the network and peripheral devices.

Even when 4 sites are connected, the screen layouts can be flexibly changed to enable smooth remote conferencing. Changing the screen layout is done with a one-touch button on the included remote control, so it is easy even for someone doing it the very first time.