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Why Panasonic?

Content Sharing

Switch to a sub camera or a PC screen with one-touch ease, and share data, such as movies or software applications.

Sharing a PC Screen

Graphs and other presentation data displayed on your PC screen can be shown to the other party. Also, a composite image display that simultaneously shows a PC screen image and the other party's image is possible, so the other party's facial expressions can be seen while talking.

* The composite image display is only available when all sites begin sharing a PC screen using a Version 2.3 HD Video Conferencing Unit.

* The composite image display cannot be used when MCUs or non-Panasonic video conference systems are connected.

I'm going to switch to the statistical data.
Main Camera Image / Composite Image

Close-up Views with a Sub Camera

Use a sub camera to display close-up views of detailed parts that are difficult to see with the naked eye.

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High-resolution still images taken with a sub camera can be sent in order to share sharp, clear images while sending only a small amount of data.

Camera Control

When an HD Communication Camera is connected, the HD Video Conferencing Unit remote can be used to control pan, tilt, zoom and preset recall* operations for both your camera and the camera at another party's site.

* Up to nine shooting positions and zoom sizes can be set and shifted by a single touch of the remote control during communication. Preset registration is possible only for your own site (and not during communication).

• The HD Visual Communications System used at all communicating sites must be Version 2.3 or later in order to enable camera control during communication.
• Ceiling mounting is not possible for the GP-VD150 / GP-VD130.

Magnifier Function

You can enlarge a selected part of the image and display it in any of the four screen corners. This improves the quality of communication by letting you see the facial expression of the person you are speaking with. (This function can be used only with the AW-VC2.)

External Control Interface

A disclosed external device interface allows control over the network from an external device other than the remote. Due to CGI use, applications can be developed on Windows®, Linux®, iOS (iPad/iPhone), Android and other platforms regardless of the type of OS.

* Please ask your nearest dealer for details.

• Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
• Linux is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries.
• Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Recording Capability

This function lets you output the audio for your site via RCA cables in addition to an HDMI cable. Video and audio signals can be input to external video equipment, so you can record HD Visual Communications System meetings without an external mixer or special microphone for your site.