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Firmware of NVF20 [Firmware] [NVF20]

[How to update of firmware of WJ-NV200 by SD memory card.]

1.Please format the HDD to use NVF20 function.
2. Please format the SD memory card on the recorder WJ-NV200.
*Format SD by WJ-NV200 :
Please refer "Format SD memory card" in the Operating Instructions of WJ-NV200.
3. Please save the firmware [NV200.img] in the below folder of the SD memory card.
* Do not change the name of firmware [NV200.img].
* The above folder is created automatically.
4. Please click the "execute" bottom in Maintenance > Systemmanagement>Firmware update.

[Caution for update]
* In order to use the Business Intelligence functions of the WJ-NVF20, the HDD has to be formatted.
When a hard disk drive is formatted, all the recorded images will be erased. Please backup your data before activating the WJ-NVF20.
e.g. Exchanging the HDD before activating the WJ-NVF20
* Even if the trial use, this format is required.
* How to exchange HDD : Please refer "Replace the hard disk drives" in the Installation Guide of WJ-NV200.


File Name Size Version Date
V.1.30 Mar 27, 2012

The contents of version up without NVF20 function.
1. The setting by browser ( Basical setting )
2. Compatible with WV-SC384/SW352/SW355