Environmental Initiatives

Becoming the No.1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry

The Sanyo is aiming to be an indispensable element for the development of society and prosperous and comfortable lifestyles through the promotion of harmonious coexistence between people and nature. Therefore, the company is placing emphasis on the environment in its various business activities, and is working to change the awareness and behavior of all individuals.
As a member of the Panasonic Group, Sanyo shares the aim of becoming the "No.1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry*1" and the "‘eco ideas’ Declaration*1." The company is strengthening its initiatives for contributing to CO2 emissions reduction and resource recycling, as Green indexes for becoming No. 1 in the industry, while also promoting ‘eco ideas’ for Lifestyles and Business-styles.

*1 Refer to Panasonic Corporation’s Environmental Vision and Strategy:

Helping to Solve Environmental and Energy Problems through Business Activities

The Sanyo considers environmental contribution through business activities to be its most important management theme, and is actively developing and promoting products and services that can contribute to the solving of environmental and energy issues in the daily lives and workplaces of customers. The environmental problem of global warming is considered to be the cause of abnormal weather phenomenon such as droughts, record high temperatures, stronger tropical depressions, and flooding due to heavy rains. There is great concern over the huge impact it can have on human life and ecosystems. Global warming is mainly caused by CO2 emissions arising from the human consumption of energy resources. As this energy is the driving force behind our lifestyles and business activities, reducing energy consumption is not an easy task. That is why Sanyo is focusing most of its efforts on energy, in order to provide unique products and systems to society that demonstrate our capabilities to Create Energy, Store Energy, Save Energy, and Manage Energy. The aim is to contribute towards the solving of today’s environmental problems.

Contribution to Resource Recycling

As a member of the Panasonic Group that is promoting recycling-oriented manufacturing, Sanyo is aiming to maximize the amount of recycled resources against total resources used and to achieve zero waste emissions from production activities. Through these initiatives, we are making efforts to minimize the impact of resource mining and waste emissions on the natural environment and thus contribute to the conservation of biodiversity.