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Consumer Support

For customers living outside Japan, Panasonic Corporation in Japan does not deal directly with repairs and after-sales service inquiries.
Inquiries regarding repairs and after-sales service should first be directed to the store of purchase. If you have difficulty contacting the store of purchase, please contact the Global Service Center Network in the country/area where you live. FAQs on general topics about support on your Panasonic brand personal/home use products are as below.

Global Service Center Network

For an inquiry about repairs and after-sales service for Panasonic/National/Technics Brand Personal/Home Use Products

Product Support (Download etc)

1.If you cannot find your product here, please contact the store of purchase.
2.If the brand of your product is other than Panasonic, please contact the manufacturer.

General FAQs

Answers to general FAQ's.

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Global Home Support > You are here:Consumer Support