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General FAQs

1. Products which are not working properly

Question1. What if my product is not working properly?


Since your product may need to be examined depending on the nature of the problem, first, please ask the store of purchase for product operation and/or authorized service center information.

Question2. What if I don't know the store of purchase?


If you have difficulty contacting the store of purchase, please contact the Global Service Center Network in the country/area where you live.

Question3. What if my country/area is not listed on the Global Service Center Network?


If you can not find the country/area of your residence at the Global Service Center Network, we are sorry that repair availability for your product can only be confirmed by the store of purchase. However, Product FAQs are available for the following:

Product Support Site

Question4. What if my product was purchased overseas?


If your product was purchased overseas and the repair does not infringe on local government regulations, the Global Service Center Network can arrange repairs on a chargeable basis. However, if this particular model was not originally sold in the country/area or if spare parts/service manuals are not available, it may not be possible to repair or may take a longer time to repair.

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Global Home Support > You are here:Consumer Products > containsGeneral FAQs