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Customer:Information Security and Protection of Personal Information


Panasonic Code of Conduct (excerpts)

The commitment to the proper use and management of information as well as the strict protection of personal information is clearly stipulated in Panasonic's Code of Conduct.

Chapter 2
II-4. Use and Control of Information
(1) Effective Use of Information
We will use our IT resources effectively and efficiently to collect, store, control, use, protect and dispose of management, technological, personal and other useful information so that it can be properly and effectively used without jeopardizing confidentiality.
(2) Information Security
We will endeavor to prevent any piracy or falsification, and prevent leakage of our information.
(3) Information Received from a Third Party
When we receive confidential information from a third party we will respect its confidentiality and afford it appropriate protection.
(4) Handling of Personal Information
Recognizing the importance of protecting personal information, we will gather, store, control, use, process and dispose of personal information appropriately in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. We will also seek to prevent the loss, falsification, or leakage of such information.

Chapter 2 II-4. Use and Control of Information

Basic Philosophy for Information Security

In accordance with the basic management philosophy, Panasonic is dedicated to using its outstanding technologies, products and services to earn the satisfaction and trust of customers.
Information security is vital to accomplishing this goal. This includes customer, personal, financial and other categories of information. Positioning information security as one of our most important strategies, we take the following actions with the aim of helping maintain the integrity of today's information-based society.

1. Information security systems
Each organizational unit has its own information security system for properly supervising information based on prescribed rules and procedures.
2. Management of information assets
To protect the security of all information, each type of information is managed by clarifying correct handling in accordance with its importance and level of risk.
3. Education and training
We have continuous information security education and training programs for all executives and employees. Activities reinforce awareness of the importance of information security and associated rules. Violators are subject to strict penalties.
4. Products and services that can be used with confidence
We have security measures for customer information so that customers can use Panasonic products and services with confidence.
5. Compliance with laws and regulations and continuous improvements
We comply with all applicable laws and regulations as well as ethical standards and make continuous improvements to information security as required to respond to changes in the environment

We believe that the proper supervision of customer and business partner information is essential to our ability to remain a trustworthy company in society.
In order to maintain our growth as a global company, it is also vital to operate speedy product development, production, and sales activities by utilizing technical information that strengthen market competitiveness, while protecting it properly.

Policy for Protection of Personal Information

In accordance with its Basic Management Philosophy, Panasonic aims to win the satisfaction and trust of its customers by providing superior products and services to society, while ensuring the utmost in integrity.
We seek to build better relationships with our customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders.
To this end, we have put in place the following measures to appropriately handle and protect personal information.

  1. A person responsible for the protection of personal information has been appointed to every organization within the Company in an effort to ensure that such information is managed appropriately.
  2. In cases where you are asked to supply or register your personal information by which you can be identified, such as name, address, e-mail address, or telephone number, the Company will inform you of the purpose of use, as well as whom to contact with any related inquiries. You will only be asked to provide your personal information within the scope appropriate to the purpose.
  3. The Company will make use of personal information only within the scope appropriate to the purpose of use to which you have agreed.
  4. The Company will not supply or disclose your personal information to third parties except in cases where you have agreed beforehand, provides that the Company can disclose it when it is necessary; 1) to outsource the work or 2) for some other justifiable reason.
  5. If you wish to review your personal information, please contact to the relevant contact person we show on the website where you supplied or registered your personal information. The Company will make the efforts to appropriately respond to your request.
  6. The Company will make reasonable efforts to maintain and improve security to ensure that personal information is managed safely.
  7. While complying with applicable laws and regulations, the Company will make ongoing efforts to improve and upgrade measures taken to protect personal information.

Established on April 1, 2005
Revised on October 1, 2008
Kazuhiro Tsuga
Panasonic Corporation

Policy for Protection of Personal Information

Rules and System

ISO 27001

Panasonic has obtained ISO 27001 certification at business divisions that handle its customers' personal information. ISO 27001, which conforms to the ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Information Security Management Systems standard, is given to companies that appropriately handle all sorts of information, including personal information.

A list of Panasonic business sites that have acquired ISO 27001 certification is available here.

Panasonic Corporation
List of business sites that have obtained ISO 27001 certification

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