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Environment:Business of Factory Energy Conservation Support Service

Environmental Support for the Entire Factory

We provide our technologies, knowledge, and experience related to the environment as a packaged service offering to enterprises outside our company looking to improve the environmental performance of their factories. Our Total Environmental Package Solutions for Entire Factories offers environmental solutions in energy conservation, effluent treatment and water recycling, exhaust treatment, resources recycling, soil and groundwater purification, and energy creation such as photovoltaic power generation system. In particular, the Factory Energy Conservation Support Service was introduced in April 2010 to provide all-round support in energy-saving activities at the factory, from visualization of energy use and energy-saving diagnoses to execution of concrete energy-saving measures. The service has contributed in a reduction of CO2 emissions of 0.84 million tons in manufacturing activities in three years. Furthermore, this is a total service, covering organizational management and promotion knowhow for energy conservation, schemes to share energy conservation data and knowhow, manpower training methods, and energy-saving equipment and systems. It provides comprehensive assistance in the aspects of technology, equipment, human resources, and finance necessary for energy saving at factories.

Image of our Total Environmental Package Solutions for the Entire Factory

As a part of our service menu, we developed SE-Navi, a condensed system containing our energy management expertise and know-how to visualize energy consumption at factories. This system identifies the level of energy consumption efficiency with basic energies such as electricity and gas, physical data such as flow, pressure, temperature, humidity that directly reflects the operation status, and production quantity to help factories swiftly plan energy-saving measures, make trial calculations, and improve verification accuracy. This system also provides graphic displays of long-term efficiency fluctuations for equipment, including compressors, boilers, and freezers, to identify equipment deterioration and necessary maintenance-all of which serve to reduce wasted energy consumption. Furthermore, in fiscal 2013, the output unit calculated automatically from production output and energy consumption level was diagnosed and assessed using our own unique energy-saving determination method for the development of the “energy-saving navigation” function, which identifies problems in manufacturing lines and facilities on a timely basis. This function is scheduled to be commercialized by the end of fiscal 2014.




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