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Environment:Environmental Communication

Promoting Environmental Communication

Panasonic has been focusing on maintaining close communications with stakeholders. As well as actively disseminating our environmental efforts through different media such as products, services, and publications, we also solicit stakeholders' opinions and utilize them as an important resource for our environmental sustainability management.

Also, we place importance on interactive communications, announcing ideas one after another and receiving forthright suggestions from society at large, in order to ensure that our efforts in environmental innovation lead to major innovations in society. We will continue to pursue environmental communication in a wide range of fields.

Proposals on Environmental Policy

In addition to publicity through Keidanren (Japanese Business Federation) and other industrial organizations, we submit environmental policy proposals not only to the Japanese government but also to governments of other countries through a wide range of opportunities. We joined in policy deliberations on environmental issues that the society is facing today: a future vision for national governments, industry, and people's lives aimed at the creation of a sustainable society, and information sharing and exchange related to international activities. Through this approach we established a deeper understanding of government policy. Based on this, we are engaging in a drive to promote environmental management with an awareness of both business risks and opportunities, through actively presenting proposals from the standpoint of manufacturing, marketing, and technology development.

Environmental Promotion Through Advertising and Program Sponsorship

In June 2011, we concluded a strategic partnership agreement with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre aiming to conserve world heritage sites and to promote sustainable growth through environmental education for the next generation. We engage in various communication activities, such as exclusive sponsorship of “The World Heritage Special” program on the National Geographic Channel, which has been broadcast in 193 countries and regions worldwide over the last two years. We also engage in environmental education for the coming generations through World Heritage sites, aided by 3D-related audiovisual equipment and technology. Our strategic partnerships will continue in fiscal 2014 and after, with activities being implemented on a continuing basis.

THE WORLD HERITAGE with Panasonic Special Site

Partnership logo mark

Partnership logo mark

Environmental Communication Results *1

Media/activities Media/activities
Website Japanese Approx. 1,031,000 views
English Approx. 315,000 views
TV/radio commercial Japan Approx. 200
Global Approx. 91,000
Newspaper advertisement Japan 2
Global 1
Magazine advertisement Global 3
  • *1Only terrestrial. Handled by the head office of Panasonic Corporation.

Engagement With Third Parties

Panasonic actively conducts a number of dialogues with experts from both within and outside Japan, and utilizes their comments in its environmental strategies.

With the Natural Step, in particular, we have built a partnership since 2001. We hold an annual meeting with them to share the most advanced environmental information in Europe and seek their opinions on our environmental strategies and activities to assist us in further improvements.

Meeting with the Natural Step

Meeting with the Natural Step

Communicating Through Showrooms and Exhibitions

Panasonic hosts a range of exhibitions across internal and external facilities to disseminate its vision through products and services, and to receive voices and requests directly from its customers.

At Panasonic Center Tokyo, one of our general information bases, we offer a wide range of solutions realizing lifestyles that are sustainable, safe, and comfortable, together with actual practices based on our research on consumer living.

Also, we participated in Eco Products 2012, Japan's largest environmental exhibition and proposed “Eco & Smart Living” that can be achieved through interactive connections. Here, home living realizing clever, stress-free energy conservation was promoted through our exhibition of Smart Energy and Smart Appliances. In addition, our “Recycling-Based Manufacturing” booth on the theme of resource recycling showcased the technologies we have put into action and our achievements in resources recycling in the past. The hands-on experience section proved popular among elementary and junior high school students visiting the exhibition as part of environmental education. We presented an easy-to-understand study experience on “Why a home using photovoltaic power generation and accumulator batteries is eco-friendly.”

Panasonic Center Tokyo

Eco Products 2012: Hands-on workshop for elementary and junior high school students at our booth

Eco Products 2012: resources recycling section at our booth

Participation in Major Exhibitions for Fiscal 2013

Exhibition Venue Period
IFA 2012 Berlin (Germany) Sep-12
Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition2012 Tokyo(Japan) Oct-12
CEATEC JAPAN 2012 Tokyo(Japan) Oct-12
IGEM2012 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Oct-12
PV JAPAN2012 Tokyo(Japan) Dec-12
Eco-Products 2012 Tokyo(Japan) Dec-12
CES 2013 Las Vegas (USA) Jan-13
PV EXPO2013 Tokyo(Japan) Mar-13
SECURITY SHOW 2013 Tokyo(Japan) Mar-13

Publishing Environmental Information on the Website

Although Panasonic had been publishing its environmental reports in paper format since 1997,these reports were shifted to solely web-based publication in 2010. Starting in FY 2014, our environmental activity website will be integrated with the CSR website for all-round and exhaustive corporate communication from the standpoint of sustainability.

History of environmental report issuance

Year Number of copies Number of pages Issued
Japanese English Chinese
Environmental Report
1997 17,000 8,000 24 Feb-98
1998 10,000 10,000 28 Mar-99
1999 18,000 5,000 40 Sep-99
2000 22,000 5,000 56 Sep-00
2001 20,000 5,000 66 Sep-01
2002 25,000 5,000 78 Jun-02
Environmental Sustainability Report
2003 35,000 5,000 92 Jun-03
2004 25,000 8,000 4,000 76 Jun-04
Environmental Data Book
2005 10,000 5,000 5,000 66 Aug-05
2006 10,000 5,000 5,000 68 Aug-06
2007 13,000 5,000 5,000 66 Jun-07
2008 13,000 5,000 3,000 72 Jun-08
‘eco ideas’ Report
2009 10,000 5,000 3,000 50 Jun-09
2010 10,000 5,000 1,000 42 Jun-10
2011 Posted on website only (PDF format) 1,000 48 Jun-11
2012 1,000 46 Jun-12

History of CSR report issuance

Year Number of copies Number of pages Issued
Japanese English Chinese
The Panasonic Report for Sustainability
2005 30,000 10,000 4,000 54 Jun-05
2006 30,000 10,000 5,000 62 Jun-06
2007 20,000 7,000 6,000 42 Jun-07
2008 14,000 8,000 5,000 30 Jun-08
2009 Posted on website only (PDF format) 138 Jun-09
Sustainability Report
2010 Posted on website only (PDF format) 74 Jun-10
2011 50 Jul-11
2012 84 Jun-12




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