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Using catalogs and labels to indicate the environmental performance of our products

Using catalogs and labels to indicate the environmental performance of our products Panasonic indicates that a given product is environmentally conscious by displaying environmental labels on the product and in our catalogues. This labeling is designed to convey our environmental technology information on the product in an easy-to-understand manner to help our customers make smart choices when considering which products to purchase. We introduced a new design for Type II labels, carrying the phrase, ‘eco ideas’ We are currently working on all three types of environmental declaration categories.

By acquiring the International Energy Star label, well recognized in Europe and North America, as well as Chinese environmental labels, Panasonic aims to offer environmentally-conscious products that actually surpass the certification criteria for these labels and to provide greater opportunities to convey our products' environmental information on a global basis.

  • *1 ISO (International Standardization Organization) defines three categories of environmental label or declaration for environmentally-conscious products: products accredited by each country's third-party organization (Type I); products self-declared by the business entity as environmentally-conscious (Type II); and products displaying quantitative environmental impact data (Type III).

<タイプI>エコマーク, <タイプIII>エコリーフラベル, エネルギースターマーク

Panasonic’s environmental declaration labels

Panasonic has been utilizing environmental declaration labels to apply environmental performance of its product and services.

Basic criteria for use

Products or services that are authorized to use the ‘eco ideas’ mark are those accredited as Green Products that meet Panasonic’s Green Product accreditation criteria.

Objective of using environmental labels

The environment label indicated in product catalogues, on the product body or packaging to appeal that the product is eco-conscious.
The indication is pursuant to ISO 14021 “Environmental labels and declarations -- Self-declared environmental claims (Type II environmental labelling)”
An environmental label shall be composed of an environmental mark, statement of environmental claims, and complementary description.

  • * Statement of environmental claims shall focus on the special futures (Global warming prevention, chemical substances management, efficient use of resources, and other distinctive environmental performance).


List of Type Ⅰ Ecomark products in Japan

Items Number of models published*2
Cooking oil cleaner 2
Humidity-Adjustable Odor-Absorbing Panels 3
Wiring floor 3
Blu-ray Disc Recorder 13
Total 21
  • *2 Number of models released as of March 31, 2013

List of registered Eco-Leaf Environment Labels (Type 3) in Japan

Items Number of models published*3
Intercoms 11
Network cameras 6
Fixed telephones 1
Wiring floor 3
Total 21
  • *3 Number of models released as of March 31, 2013

List of products satisfying the International Energy Star Program *4

Items Number of models (series) registered in fiscal 2013
Notebook PCs 20 series
Fax machines 6
Scanners 3
Total 29

List of products that acquired environmental labels in China(As March 31st, 2013)

Item Energy conservation Water conservation China Environmental Labeling China Ecolabeling
Type1 Type2
Plasma TVs 5 - - - -
LCD TVs 2 - - - -
LCD projectors 17 - - - 17
Washing machines 45 45 2 2 -
Air conditioners 43 - - - -
Refrigerators 51 - 21 21 51
Rice cooker 3 - - - -
Multi-function machines 2 - - - -
Fax machines 2 - - - -
Lamp 19 - - - -
Microwave - - 4 - -
Air cleaner - - - 3 -
Total 189 45 27 54 68

中国環境ラベル 省エネルギー認証ラベル, 節水認証ラベル,  十環ラベルタイプII, 環保ラベル




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